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Colored Billiard Gloves

Colored Billiard Gloves

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The glove is mostly made up of thin lycra. The outer portion of the glove that covers the pinky and ring finger is a thin breathable mesh that improves airflow, helps decrease the temperature of the hand, and reduces sweating. The wristband is mostly elastic with a velcro attachment.

The glove is double stitched with a heavier duty thread that also has an elasticity to it to help prevent blowouts in the seams. The fingers are tapered to achieve a comfortable but snug and uniform fit across the entire length of the finger. This tapered fit also helps eliminate looseness that may cause the glove to slip when your hand is on the table and the cue is gliding through your fingers just before the shot. The velcro / elastic strap extends to the wrist bone so there is no interference with the wrist joint as you flex and extend your wrist to find the most comfortable and stable bridge. The velcro attachment is over 1" long allowing the player to adjust the tightness as they see fit. The extra coverage also helps achieve a secure attachment and the increased surface area increases the longevity of the life of the velcro. The rubber sub logo on the velcro attachment is a thin, soft, very flexible rubber that conforms to the curve of the wrist and almost feels like it's not even there. It does, however; make the glove very visually appealing and draws attention from spectators without being distracting to the shooter. The palm has two no slip pads right on both fleshy portions of the  lower palm where the most weight, pressure, and surface contact area of the palm make contact with the table. This prevents sliding on the cloth or the edge of the table when the cue ball is close to a rail and helps to create a much more stable bridge. 

The glove comes in sizes XS thru 2X in both left and right hand. We currently offer the glove in OD Green, Red, Purple, Pink(Magenta), Gold, Teal, and Royal Blue. We are in production of a Gray/Black glove with future plans to offer the glove in black on black.
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